2019/08/16 Several pieces of my artwork has been shown at the exhibition 'Living Kogei: Contemporary Japanese Craft From The ISE COLLECTION' held at the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, 7 August- 27 October, 2019.
2018 The Best Young Artist Award by City of Kyoto
2016/11/21 2017 Solo Exhibition
Sculptour Masaomi Raku
The Museum "EKI" KYOUTO
2 January - 17,2017

2016/04/10 2016 Kichizaemon X Raku Kichizaemon – Raku Atsundo – Raku Masaomi A first and final father and son exhibition, Raku Kichizaemon Kan (Pavilion), Sagawa Art Museum, Shiga Prefecture.
father and son exhibition : 16 April-28 August,2016